Customer Service

Increasing in popularity in recent years, work from home customer service jobs are one of the easiest work from home jobs to acquire. If you love problem solving and working with people from all over the world, a career as a work from customer service agent may be perfect for you. All you need to get started is a dedicated home phone line or landline phone, a compatible computer with current operating system, a basic level of computer understanding, a pleasing and professional phone voice, the ability to remain calm even under stressful circumstances, and the ability to type at least 30 to 35 words per minute.

Customer service agents are being hired to work from home for large corporations, Fortune500 companies, and even some smaller businesses. Most employees or contractors that have customer service jobs from home are paid an hourly wage plus bonuses and other various commissions, where applicable. Bonuses and opportunities for advancement depend upon the company’s policies and the types of duties assigned to the customer service agent. Some customer service agents exclusively handle incoming calls, while others may handle remote chat sessions, email correspondence, or a mixture of incoming and/or outgoing calls.

More and more of these types of positions are becoming available to men and women from all over the United States. As the world becomes more digitally-inclined and more companies begin to realize the cost-saving benefits of hiring home-based workers, ample numbers of customer service jobs open up. It can be very costly to run a brick-and-mortar call center or acquisition office. Companies have to pay for various types of liability insurance, maintain expensive office equipment, pay for the cost of utilities to run and maintain a traditional office, and are responsible for paying hefty taxes. Outsourcing customer service jobs to home-based professionals reduces, and in some cases, eliminates all costs associated with running the business. Typically, the only cost associated with hiring home-based professionals is the cost for training and the remote installation of necessary software programs or systems.

Customer service jobs from home can be found on virtually any online job board or classified ad site. More detailed information about various companies, policies, procedures, and worker experiences can be found on one of the many websites that cater to work from home professionals. These forums are filled with work from home professionals with various levels and years of experience in the work from home fields. Forum members share their experiences, good and bad, with other members. These forums can be a great place to lurk, ask questions, and interact to gain more information about a potential job opportunity.

When applying for customer service jobs from home it is important to fill out the online application honestly and completely. Although the applications may be long, be sure to include any pertinent experience and qualifications that may put you a step above other applicants. Some of the applications for employment can be lengthy; some companies require aptitude tests, computer competency exams, and question/answer segments on the application. It is important to fill out this information completely and proofread your work for any grammatical or spelling errors. One simple mistake, skipped question, or incorrect response could cause you to miss out on getting the job.

Training for most home-based customer service jobs is paid; in rare instances a company will not pay for training. Classes are generally held remotely via online conference software programs and by phone. New employees or contractors can often view the trainer’s screen during these conference sessions. The process is typically very interactive and thorough. Training can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending upon the company and type of job. After training is completed, there is typically an incubation or probationary period where agents are closely monitored by supervisors or trainers to ensure compliance and help answer on-the-spot questions not covered during training.

Most customer service agents adhere to a specific weekly schedule. A quiet office space free from distraction or noise is required to obtain a work from home customer service job. If you are looking for part-time or full-time work, the opportunity for steady pay, benefits, and advancement opportunities, customer service is for you.