When you think of a professional proofreader, you probably envision someone sitting in an office or cubicle at a newspaper or magazine publication. In your mind this person is probably holding a red pen or marker and vigorously marking spelling and other grammatical errors. Although in some cases this is an accurate depiction of the life of a professional proofreader, or editor as they are commonly called, many are not aware that the vast majority of professional proofreaders actually work from home. Freelance proofreading jobs from home have increased exponentially in recent years. The advancements in digital technology, increasing number of online news and entertainment magazines, addition of more distance education colleges and available classes, and large number of freelance writers has opened up unlimited opportunities for freelance proofreading professionals.

To be a successful proofreading professional, you need to have a very strong command of the English language. You also need to be comfortable with a variety of different professional writing styles and be able to pinpoint errors quickly and efficiently every time. Although most positions do require home-based editors to have a specialized degree in English or Journalism, many smaller companies and freelance writing sites simply have interested parties complete a proofreading test or assessment. If you pass, you awarded with a proofreading credential or are offered proofreading work and projects.

Most of the available proofreading jobs can be found online through a variety of resources. Online job boards are great places to begin your search. You can filter your results by typing in specific keywords such as “online proofreader,” “telecommute proofreading,” “professional proofreader,” “home-based proofreader,” and other comparable terms. It makes your search easier and more efficient when you narrow the search results. The results are targeted to your interests and you can further filter by posting date or location. Classified advertisement sites are another great source for finding local and online proofreading jobs and projects. Smaller projects and time-sensitive assignments are often posted on classified ad sites. Most companies, sole-proprietors, or students will offer a flat rate fee per edited piece.

Online forums that cater to home-based professionals are another great source for finding editing and proofreading jobs. Forum members range from veteran freelancers with many years of experience in working from home down to those completely new to the concept of earning money from home. Some forums require you to create a free username and account before given access to viewable forum threads. Other sites allow guests to peruse the forums and gather unlimited information. Many proofreading job leads and projects are posted daily on these sites. Some have a specific folder dedicated to proofreading, while others post these types of jobs in a general jobs or telecommute folder. It is important to check the forums regularly throughout the day. New job leads generate a lot of applicants and interest. Getting in and applying early can ensure that your credentials and application are seen before a rush of other applicants submit their information.

Local colleges, campuses, adult education facilities, and schools often require the help of qualified and competent proofreaders. Additionally, many medical offices, attorney’s offices, marketing firms, and small business enlist the help of freelance editing professionals to edit marketing materials, client documents, trial paperwork, class projects, essays, and other important documents. You can contact places of business and campuses in your local area to see if professional proofreading services are needed. Grocery stores, financial institutions, and colleges often have job boards or bulletin boards full of jobs and project opportunities for freelance proofreaders.

A professional proofreader can easily earn $40,000 to $50,000, per year, on average. When first getting started, it can take some time to build up clientele and recurring projects. With a few months of hard work and patience, most professional proofreaders generally have enough clients and contacts to ensure a steady stream of part-time or full-time work. The demand for qualified editors to fill proofreading jobs from home will continue to increase in the coming years.

If you love reading, writing, and tweaking articles to make them perfect, have the necessary background and/or skills, and yearn for financial freedom and the ability to work from home, freelance proofreading is your calling.