Working from home as a telecommuter is a position that most anyone can do with the right set of skills. These skills are not specialized skills, but just simple things that can help ensure that you are ready to take on one of these positions.

Telecommuting is steadily rising in the employment sector. Many businesses see the benefits they receive for having off-site employees, and employees enjoy the ability to work from home. Telecommuting helps reduce the cost of working for both the employee and employer, creating an almost perfect work situation.

Before you begin your search for telecommuting positions, you should review these basic skills. It will help you decide on the industry you will seek a position in, as well as ensure you have an easy transition into a work from home professional.

Basic Skills:

  • Completed CV: Many people do not realize that telecommuting positions will require you to have a current CV to distribute to potential employers. Even if you do not have previous job experience, you can prepare a simple CV to send in to employers when requested. You should always have a digital and paper copy of this important document ready at all times.
  • People Skills: People skills are more than just being able to be friendly to someone over the phone. People skills are about being able to manage a situation without any input from others. Work at home employees will find, however, that these skills are ones they already possess, which is one of the reasons that they desire to work from home.
  • Computer Skills: You will need to have basic computer skills that include maneuvering through the Internet, word processing, spread sheet creation and the use of email. Since all of your work will be completed on a computer, and over the Internet, it is necessary for you to have a good computer system and a high speed connection to the Web. Some companies will require you to download a program that is part of their operations. Understanding how to install computer programs will be necessary. Once any company-provided programs are installed, it will also be necessary to familiarize yourself with the program so you can perform your job at top levels.
  • Bidding Skills: If you are going to work as a freelance telecommuter, you will need to have the ability to competitively bid on jobs on the freelance boards. You must be able to estimate how long a project will take to complete, decide if any additional equipment or supplies will be required to complete the job, and combine that information with what you charge for your services. This is a learned skill, but having a basic knowledge of this system will help you.
  • Organizational Skills: Being organized is imperative to success when you work from home. You cannot have your work spread out in the dining area, in your home office, and on the counters. You need to be able to dedicate a specific area to your home based business, and you need to keep it organized. Employers of any kind will not be tolerant of workers who cannot complete their job duties because they have misplaced an important document. Clients are even more impatient, and when they need answers, they do not wish to wait until you rummage through your flat to find the information.
  • Time Management: Most work at home professionals are stay at home mums. As a mum you know that children always need you most when you are the busiest. When you are working as a telecommuter you will need to take this into consideration. Your personal schedule will determine the type of telecommuting position that you should seek. If you have many family obligations, you may wish to freelance so that you can schedule your work on your own time. If you like standard hours, look for an off-site employment position with a regular employer.

These are all very basic skills, ones that everyone has to some degree. Understanding your skill levels will not only help you find the perfect work at home position, it will also help you work on the ones that you may feel need improvement.

Anyone, at any skill level can work from home as a telecommuter. The strongest skill you need is dedication. Working from home can be distracting. There are always things that need to be cleaned around the home. There are always errands to run. If you are dedicated to your position, you will find that working from home is the best career decision that you have made.